About Brenor and Our Herd

With the purchase of two 3-in-1 packages (a pregnant female with a Cria at foot), Brenor established a herd in 2006. After the arrival of several male Cria, we grew impatient and purchased a couple of high quality females with the aim of achieving a high quality herd earlier. We fast tracked our way to achieving our goal by the recent purchase of the well established, top quality Cairnbrae herd.

We believe in using superior males with leading genetics over our dams to produce quality progeny. We are aiming for our offspring to have excellent conformation as well as fleece characteristics including low micron, density, a well-defined crimp consistency throughout the fleece with coverage extending to the extremities of the body, and the ability to hold these qualities for many years.

NEW! Alpaca transport - we have started an alpaca transporting business travelling between the North and South Islands each month and also within each Island. As room permits we will also be transporting fleece, spun fibre, processed garments/products, feed etc. We aim to offer a reliable, friendly and personalised service.

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