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Brenor Petra $7,000 +GST

IAR 1007309 l DOB 01-Nov-2010 l Solid White
Sire: Don Cipriano - (S)W l Dam: Egmont Paige – (S)W
Mated to: Brenor Point Blanc L/F

Petra is a strong boned, well conformed alpaca. Her first cria, Brenor Pania did very well in the show ring winning Junior Female Champion at the 2013 National Show and two Supreme Champion Huacaya ribbons at A & P Shows.

Petra was shown locally at the Rotorua A & P where she gained a fourth place in 2012. Her Fleece gained a second place at Rotorua in 2013.


Brenor Elle $7,000 +GST

IAR 1007311 l DOB 28-Dec-2010 l Solid White
Sire: Don El Pardre - (S)W l Dam: Brenor Evette – LF
Mated to: Brenor Invincibles King W

Elle is a proven mother. All her cria are very friendly. She grows a fine fleece. Her mothers fleece is the finest for her age in our herd. She was not shown.


Brenor Hidi $7,000 +GST

IAR 1007324 l DOB 11-Apr-2012 I White
Sire: Silverstream Godsend ET  - (S)W l Dam: Cairn brae Cairnbrae Bibiana - (S)W
Mated To : Brenor Point Blanc (S)LF

Hidi is a very proud, well conformed alpaca who grows a dense fleece.  She has a fawn spot on the left side of her neck. We are very pleased with her first cria, a girl born in April 2015.  We have remated her to Brenor Point Blanc.


Waratah Park Petal $6,000 +GST

IAR 25898 l DOB 23/01/2003 l Light Fawn
Sire: Waratah Park Barabas l Dam:  Jolimont Sophia
Mated to: Brenor Invincibles King W

Petal passes on a dense, long, broad crimp fleece to her offspring.  Her Cria have won ribbons at both national and local levels. She has been remated to Brenor Invincibles King.


Brenor Fern $10,000 +GST

IAR 1007315 l DOB 21-Mar-2011 l Solid White
Sire: Don El Pardre - (S) W l Dam: Cairnbrae Francesca - (S)W
Mated To: Silverstream Godsend ET (S) W

Fern, like her mother is a lovely ‘typey’ alpaca.  Her fleece is dense and well aligned.  She did well in the show ring being placed on every outing. Her son Lukas is extremely friendly with a similar fleece style to his mother.

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